About Us

With a focus on North America, our Toronto based company‚Äôs mission is to provide customers with affordable, reusable, easily maintainable Capex Software to facilitate process automation.

Our consulting and training services ensure that best practices are followed, knowledge transfer is achieved and relevant stakeholders are trained.  With an approach that ensures partners implement successfully and customers are well-placed to support the solution going forward, We provide an integral link between consultation, packaged solutions and success. 

What Makes Us Different? 

The BPM industry is mature and well supported by well established BPM software manufactures but the intricacies of Human Workflow still remains new to most consulting companies which fail to fully leverage these feature rich tools and continue down the path of custom code where everything is reinvented.  These custom code solutions become difficult to modify, support or reuse after the implementation and the lack of features can lead to user frustration.   

Caprivi specialises in Capex Software and workflow domain, our complement of reusable solution and the ability to conduct formal class room training allows customers to maintain, reuse and modify the system themselves.

When to Engage

1. The workflow automation solutions match your needs
2. You have general workflow or BPM needs
3. You are evaluating BPM vendors such as K2 and you require assistance 
4. You need Microsoft Project Server and K2 integration

You need formal K2 blackpearl trainingK2 Five Training or K2.net 2003 training or consulting.

6. You have Capex Software Needs