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We specializes in providing specific industry solutions based on the SharePoint and the K2 blackpearl & K2 blackpoint workflow platform. 

Available Solutions for SharePoint include:

 HR Finance IT

 Employee OnBoarding Software

 CapEx Request Solution

IT Change Management Solution

Software Asset Management Solution

 Project Process Management

 SharePoint site Provisioning

 Vacation Requests

 Purchase Order Requisitions

SharePoint Contract Management

K2 blackpearl / blackpoint Consulting and Training Services

 K2 blackpearl Training Program

 K2 blackpoint Training Program 2003 to K2 blackpearl Migrations 
 K2 blackpearl and blackpoint Software Sales
 Online K2 blackpearl Training & K2 blackpoint

Key Differentiators of our Software Solutions

  • Powerful drag and drop configuration interface ensures the solution maps to your business process
  • No compiled source code shipped
  • The solution is open, extendable and data is easily surfaced for reporting
  • The solution framework and licenses are reusable for other processes
  • Customers can administer, maintain and modify their own solutions knowing that if mistakes are made, they can easily roll back to previous versions
  • Our implementation program includes formal training that ensures you can reuse, modify and maintain the solution yourself