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Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference 2010Visit us at the WPC Microsoft conference in Washington DC during 11-15 July 2010
K2 blackpearl in a Window's Cluster (Video) This K2 blackpearl presentation and demonstration recording discusses a proof of concept that Caprivi Solutions did to prove out that K2 blackpearl could work in a Windows Server Clustering environment.
CapriVi's Tim Knechtel becomes a K2 Insider Nov 2009

Over the last 6 years, Tim Knechtel has made numerous contributions to the K2 community and product, both as a K2 and Caprivi employee. We are proud that he has earned K2 Insider Status. Tim’s latest contribution includes leading the development of CapriVi's SharePoint Contract Management Solution, IT Change Management Solution and CapEx Request Solution.  Tim's bio can be found on the K2 underground site by clicking here.

 Project Server 2007 Integration with K2 blackpearl

This document describes the Project Server 2007 Service Object for K2 BlackPearl that Caprvi Solutions provides.

K2 blackpearl Advanced Topics,  Free Training Webinar

4 Nov 2009

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Microsoft Event Code: 142239


Please join us for this free K2 blackpearl technical webinar which will cover some of the more advanced topics not usually addressed by the standard K2 blackpearl training courses.

The topics will include:
1.  Debugging a K2 blackpearl process.
2.  Using the Logging Frameworks
3.  Calling Child Workflows with the IPC event.
4.  Cancelling processes with the GOTO method
5.  Open Q/A session -any technical topics welcomed!

Target Audience: Technical Audience with some knowledge of K2

When:  4 November 2009 from 12h00 to 13h30 EST 

 CapriVi and K2 at ShowCase Ontario 2009.  Visit us at  booth #1036

Tuesday, Sept 22nd 2009

Topic: Business Process Automation - a Pragmatic Approach

Although Information Technology is a key component of any organization today, many businesses still rely on paper forms and manual tasks to manage internal processes. Despite the true intent and significant efforts to achieve wide spread process automation across the organization, most organizations struggle to achieve this goal due to a fundamental under estimation of the real life complexities surrounding the average business process. The lack of, or ineffective automation of business processes could result in an inflated cost of doing business and overexposure to common business risks. Many businesses are well aware of the need for change, but don’t have the expertise to automate processes at a meaningful pace or digestible cost. With the right tools, and the right approach, business process automation can be easily implemented and have real impact on your day-to-day operations.

 CapriVi Presents K2 blackpoint at the Toronto SharePoint CampK2 blackpoint is for SharePoint users who want visual tools to build workflows and process-driven applications quickly — without code, without complexity.
 K2 blackpearl Training Toronto May 2009 3 day class room training downtown Toronto.  Click here to register and enter Event Code 137626

Webinar on 12 May: 

Employee Onboarding Solution using SharePoint, InfoPath and K2 blackpoint

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 Employees are vital to any organization. However, the process of on-boarding employee into an organization is often frustrating for the employee, costly and unproductive for the employer. It is not uncommon for employees to wait one or two weeks for a phone, a computer, network logons or even security access cards. Automating the On-boarding process is a sure way of reducing costs as unproductive time is saved

Date:  May 12, 2009  Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Click Here for full Invitation and Agenda

 CapriVi's Tim Knechtel to carry the Olympic Flame in Grimsby, Ontario 20th Dec 2009 Caprivi’s Tim Knechtel will have the privilege of carrying the Olympic Flame on the 20th of December in Grimsby (along Livingston Ave from Beech St to Garden Rd) at 10h09 AM EST. Please join us in celebration. Caprivi Solutions is a proud supporter of the Winter Olympic Games.

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