We adopt a “Best of Breed” approach when delivering solutions and will readily partner to accelerate delivery - thereby boosting customer ROI on solutions.  

We leads with the following partners: 


K2 provides a platform for building process-driven applications that improve business efficiency. K2 applications are flexible and scalable and can span employees, departments, organizations and line-of-business systems. And when business needs shift, modifying those applications is simple. K2 is built on .NET and leverages existing investments in Microsoft software infrastructure — Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, InfoPath, Visio, Visual Studio, Office, Exchange, BizTalk and Office Communications Server. K2-based solutions are deployed by a growing number of the global Fortune 100. K2 is a division of SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. based in Redmond, Washington, and has offices all over the world. www.k2.com

Why we partner with K2?

K2 is, quite simply, the world’s leading .Net BPM solution. As an authorised K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint software reseller, is also able to provide specialist K2 services for customers and consulting partners on all versions of the K2 platform due to our strong and integral knowledge of this BPM solution.

  1. K2 blackpeal is highly rated by the leading analyst firms  
  2. K2 blackpoint is a low cost option with seamless upgrade path to the higher end K2 blackpearl BPM solution.   
  3. Distributable & scalable architecture suited for both large and small enterprises
  4. Non sequential workflow and highly complex workflow automation capabilities for SharePoint too.


Why we partner with Microsoft:

As a Microsoft partner, we can combine the Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint and InfoPath with K2, we create a complete BPM suite capable of handling document management, collaboration and human workflow.  In addition to these products, Microsoft's BizTalk Server can be included to provide rich system to system processing too.