K2 blackpoint is a Business Process Management (BPM) solution for SharePoint, which has become the de-facto portal, collaboration and content management platform for a wide spectrum of businesses.

Based on the same K2 platform as K2 blackpearl, K2 blackpoint represents a low cost solution for rich, visual designing, managing and reporting for workflow and process-based applications that operate in the context of SharePoint. K2 blackpoint promises and delivers a rapid approach to building powerful business applications for SharePoint. Furthermore, if the need arises, K2 blackpoint can be upgraded to K2 blackpearl, the flagship BPM product from K2, for additional non-SharePoint functionality and extending to other line of business (LOB) systems.

Why should you invest in K2 blackpoint? There are four main reasons:

  • Process automation at the right price can yield excellent return on investment (ROI)
  • A low barrier to entry that scales with your organization’s needs, providing a stepping stone into the world of BPM
  • Empowers the whole organization to participate in process-driven applications, increasing efficiency of the entire business
  • Builds upon and increases the return on your existing Microsoft investments

If you are currently evaluating SharePoint worklfow products, please contact us for the K2 blackpoint perspective by clicking the following link K2 [blackpoint]

K2 blackpearl is many things to many people

It is workflow. It is business process management. And it is more.

K2 blackpearl™ allows you to pull together business processes, people, services, information and systems into a single application — a process-driven application — that drives business.

K2 blackpearl K2 blackpearl offers tools and familiar environments, so it’s easy to create processes and applications; and when business needs shift, it’s easy to modify these processes and applications.

K2 blackpearl eliminates redundancies and lets you assemble new solutions from information that already exists.

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If you are currently evaluating Business Process Management products, please contact us for the K2 blackpearl perspective by clicking the following link K2 [blackpearl]